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What Is Air Pollution? - Definition and Facts - Environmental Issues
Defining air pollution is not as simple as it seems, because air pollution can take many forms, derive from many sources, and include many different pollutants ...
Air Pollution - Indoor Pollution from Cooking Fires Kills 1.5 Million ...
Cooking with solid fuels on open fires or traditional stoves creates high levels of indoor air pollution, which is a major risk factor for pneumonia among children ...
More Than Half of U.S. Population Lives With Unsafe Air
According to the State of the Air 2005 report, published by the American Lung Association (ALA), air pollution levels improved in many parts of the nation during  ...
NWS Air Quality Home Page - National Weather Service - NOAA
Nearly every day, each of us contributes a little to air pollution—but we don't always realize it. Take a few minutes to think about how you contribute to air ...
Air Pollution - Phoenix - About.com
In fact, air quality in dozens of metropolitan areas has gotten worse over the last decade, while new scientific studies link air pollution to various public health ...
Air Pollution in China - Chinese Culture - About.com
Air pollution is one of China's most severe environmental problems, and it is something that China's government and its people have clashed over on more than ...
Air Pollution and Lung Cancer - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... It has long been suspected that air pollution may cause lung cancer. Studies of geographical differences in the risk of lung cancer reveal that ...
Phoenix Air Quality - Air Pollution in Phoenix - About.com
Maricopa County officials called 2005 "the worst for air quality in memory" according to a January 2006 report in the "Arizona Republic." Arizona Department of ...
Ozone and Air Pollution - About.com Weather
Learn the facts about "good" ozone, "bad" ozone, the ozone hole, air quality, and air pollution.
Air Pollution Problems - Air Quality - Human Caused Air Pollution
Air pollution is a constant problem. Let's say you have some errands to run, but you suffer from asthma. If air pollution makes your asthma worse, is there a good  ...
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