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Why Do Heat Waves Make Air Quality Worse? - Environmental Issues
Air quality during a heat wave not only feels worse, it is worse. Find out how heat waves affect air quality, and what you can do to protect yourself from poor air ...
Air Quality - Environmental Issues of Air Quality & Air Pollution
How is our air quality? And how does poor air quality and air pollution affect life on Earth? Learn about the environmental issues of air quality and air pollution, ...
More Than Half of U.S. Population Lives With Unsafe Air
Dear EarthTalk: How many Americans are adversely affected by air pollution and what can we do to improve air quality? — Tom Weaver, Sioux City, IA.
Phoenix Air Quality - Air Pollution in Phoenix - About.com
Maricopa County officials called 2005 "the worst for air quality in memory" according to a January 2006 report in the "Arizona Republic." Arizona Department of ...
Air Pollution Problems - Air Quality - Human Caused Air Pollution
Air Pollution - While air pollutants can come from both natural and artificial sources, ... Find out which days of the week you are at the most risk for low air quality ...
11 Steps to Better Indoor Air Quality - COPD - About.com
May 15, 2014 ... And because many people who have COPD or other chronic health conditions spend a great deal of time indoors, improving indoor air quality ...
Temperature Inversion Layers: Explanation and Impact - Geography
Normally, air temperature decreases at a rate of 3.5F for every 1000 feet (or ... This city is infamous for its poor air quality but these conditions are worsened ...
Air Quality Days in Pennsylvania - What is an Ozone Action Day?
Learn about the air quality alert system in Pennsylvania, including the meaning of an Ozone Action Day, and the steps you should take to protect yourself and ...
The Air in the Air - Air Quality and What the Air Is Really Like Inflight
Air quality during flights, including air pressure and recycled / filtered air is often an issue that contributes to the comfort and health during flights - and after.
Ozone and Air Quality | About.com Weather
Learn the facts about "good" ozone, "bad" ozone, the ozone hole, air quality, and air pollution.
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