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Top Alternative Fuels - Environmental Issues - About.com
Alternative fuels such as ethanol, natural gas, propane, electricity, hydrogen, biodiesel, methanol and P-Series fuels provide alternatives to fossil fuels that are  ...
Environmental Issues - Alternative Fuels & Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuels—coal, natural gas, and oil—provide 95% of the world's total energy. Alternative fuels are better for the environment and often better for the economy ...
What Is Ethanol? - Definition and Overview - Environmental Issues
What is the alternative fuel ethanol and how is it used?
What is Alternative Fuel? Definition and Alternatives to Gasoline
Alternative fuels; we're not talking about gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Think cleaner and also domestically produced: Discover the array of alternative fuels that ...
Do Alternative Fuels Make a Difference - About Hybrid Cars
Question: Why Should I Care About Using Alternative Fuels Anyway? After all, it's the big question on your mind, right: What's the big deal? Answer: The reality is ...
Alternative Fuel FAQ - About Hybrid Cars
Find answers to basic questions about alternative fuels. From where to find biodiesel to FAQs on hybrids (do I need to plug it in?) and where to buy E85 for ...
Alternative Fuel Basics - About Hybrid Cars
Learn the basics about alternative fuels. From biodiesel, natural gas and E85- compatible vehicles to electric cars and hybrids, find answers here.
Frequently Asked Questions - Alternative Fuels - About Hybrid Cars
Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about alternative fuels.
Testing Your Knowledge of Alternative Fuels - About Hybrid Cars
These quizzes will help to test your knowledge of alternative fuels and renewable energy.
Reasons to Switch to Alternative Fuels - Switching to Alternative Fuels
Why should you change your ways and go from using traditional fuels to the alternatives? Here are the top 10 reasons to go for it.
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