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Environmental Issues - Biodiversity and Conservation
How environmental issues affect biodiversity--the many species of plants and animals on the planet. Learn about conservation efforts to maintain biodiversity ...
Nations of the World Pledge to Conserve Biodiversity
The Nagoya Protocol and other strategic plans to conserve biodiversity were adopted by 193 nations in October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan, but 50 countries must  ...
Sugar Produces Bitter Results for the Environment
A 2004 report by WWF, titled “Sugar and the Environment,” shows that sugar may be responsible for more biodiversity loss than any other crop, due to its ...
A Forest Ecosystem and Biodiversity - Forestry - About.com
A forest ecosystem is one major ecologic unit that exists as a part of the total complex ecological condition.
Biodiversity - Definition of Biodiversity - Organic Business - About.com
Biodiversity includes the quantity and variety of organisms, or life-forms found within a specified geographic region or area. In relationship to organic farming, ...
V. Protection of the Ecological Environment and Biodiversity
V. Protection of the Ecological Environment and Biodiversity. The Chinese government regards ecological environmental protection as the focal point of its ...
Biodiversity - Definition of Biodiversity - Animals/Wildlife - About.com
A measure of the variety of organisms in a habitat or ecosystem. Can be measured by the number of species or genetic variation in an area or ecosystem.
Tropical Rainforests and Biodiversity - Forestry - About.com
Biodiversity is a term biologists and ecologists use to describe biotic variety - numbers of animal and plant species, the richness of gene pools and living ...
Megadiversity - Geography - About.com
Megadiversity is extreme biodiversity found in a small number of countries worldwide. Most megadiversity is found in tropical regions of the world.
Biomes: An Overview - Geography - About.com
As a result, different biomes have different kinds and quantities of plants and animals, which scientists refer to as biodiversity. Biomes with greater kinds or ...
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