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EPA Poised to Regulate Nuclear Waste Disposal for a Million Years
A million years is pretty far beyond the usual scope of EPA regulations. "This will be the only rule that applies for such a long duration into the future," said ...
Smog - Americans Breathe Dangerous Levels of Smog
More than half of the residents of 10 U.S. states are living in areas with dangerous levels of smog that routinely exceed EPA air quality standards. Smog, or ...
The Obama Administration's CAFE Standards - Environmental Issues
May 19, 2009 ... Obama's CAFE standards require automakers to achieve a combined ... the Bush -administration EPA refused to respond to California's request.
EPA Regulations and Manufacturing - Logistics/Supply Chain
The cost of these EPA regulations on the US manufacturing industry is estimated to be $117 billion, while the cost the Department of Transport regulations is ...
About the Environmental Protection Agency EPA - US Government
Since 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency has fulfilled that role, setting and enforcing standards to safeguard the land, air and water as well as protect ...
New Regulations for Portable Fuel Containers
The EPA regulations are based on requirements started in Califormia by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2000 and updated in 2007. Since 2000 ...
US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA - energy industry - About ...
A brief description of how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ... To do that, EPA writes and enforces environmental regulations, sets national ...
Federal Regulations - Laws Behind Acts of Congress
Federal regulations and the federal rulemaking process. ... Agencies, like the FDA, EPA, OSHA and at least 50 others, are called "regulatory" agencies, because ...
Implications of U.S. EPA Ballast Water Standards 2013 - Maritime
The New U.S. EPA Ballast Water Guidelines are More Stringent Than the 2008 Rules. Maximum Numbers of Organisms Will Bring the US EPA Standards in Line  ...
Legal, Government and Regulations - Logistics/Supply Chain
The EPA has passed 972 new regulations since 1981 at an estimated cost of $117 billion. This article looks at some of the EPA regulations that affect the ...
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