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EPA Poised to Regulate Nuclear Waste Disposal for a Million Years
A million years is pretty far beyond the usual scope of EPA regulations. "This will be the only rule that applies for such a long duration into the future," said ...
EPA Regulations and Manufacturing - Logistics/Supply Chain
The cost of these EPA regulations on the US manufacturing industry is estimated to be $117 billion, while the cost the Department of Transport regulations is ...
New Regulations for Portable Fuel Containers
The EPA regulations are based on requirements started in Califormia by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2000 and updated in 2007. Since 2000 ...
Legal, Government and Regulations - Logistics/Supply Chain
The EPA has passed 972 new regulations since 1981 at an estimated cost of $117 billion. This article looks at some of the EPA regulations that affect the ...
Federal Regulations - Laws Behind Acts of Congress
Federal regulations and the federal rulemaking process. ... Agencies, like the FDA, EPA, OSHA and at least 50 others, are called "regulatory" agencies, because ...
About the Environmental Protection Agency EPA - US Government
The EPA was established not only to reverse years of neglect and abuse of the ... to develop and enforce environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act, ...
Manufacturing and Transport Regulations - Logistics/Supply Chain
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have passed the majority of regulations that affect manufacturing, but the Department of Transportation (DoT) has ...
Government Environmental Requirements in Construction Projects
Is the landfill responsibility, to comply with EPA's regulations. However, they do prohibit, hazardous wastes from being placed in a construction and demolition ...
Automotive Refrigerants And The EPA - Auto Repair - About.com
A. I, like most shop owners, are in the middle of things as far as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations go. As a person who lives and shares this ...
Gas Mileage | EPA MPG | Hybrid MPG - Green Living - About.com
EPA regulations allow but do not require automakers to generate a label for each design in this circumstance. With the new Ford C-Max label, each vehicle ...
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