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What Is Ethanol? - Definition and Overview - Environmental Issues
What is the alternative fuel ethanol and how is it used?
Ethanol Drawbacks - Drawbacks of Ethanol & Biofuels Use
Ethanol and other biofuels are often promoted as clean and relatively low-cost alternatives to gasoline, but what are the challenges inherent in the widespread ...
What Are the Benefits of Using Ethanol? - Environmental Issues
Ethanol is a relatively low-cost alternative fuel, but what are the benefits of using ethanol or an ethanol blend in place of unblended gasoline?
Ethanol: Definition, Pros and Cons as Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Cars
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is an alternative fuel fermented from corn, grains or agricultural waste or it is chemically extracted from ethylene (hydration). It is used  ...
Ethanol Production - How is Ethanol Made? - Environmental Issues
What are the raw materials and processes used to produce ethanol?
How Much Does It Cost to Use Ethanol? - Environmental Issues
What is the true cost of using ethanol, or an ethanol blend, as an alternative fuel in place of gasoline?
Ethanol As A Fuel - Auto Repair - About.com
Ethanol began being used in 1979 and auto manufactures did not address the use of ethanol blended fuels. Then when they began testing their vehicles with ...
Ethanol Mythbuster - Fact Versus Fiction on Ethanol
Ethanol is a common alternative fuel, but do you know enough about this renewable energy source to separate fact from fiction?
Ethanol Availability - Station Locator
Ethanol may be good for the environment, and the economy, and provide a high- octane alternative to gasoline, but how easy is it to find fueling stations that sell ...
How Does Ethanol Performance Compare to Gasoline?
Ethanol is widely available and reasonably inexpensive, but what kind of performance can drivers expect from a car running on ethanol or an ethanol/ gasoline ...
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