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How Does Ethanol Performance Compare to Gasoline?
Ethanol is widely available and reasonably inexpensive, but what kind of performance can drivers expect from a car running on ethanol or an ethanol/ gasoline ...
What Are the Benefits of Using Ethanol? - Environmental Issues
Overall, ethanol is considered to be better for the environment than gasoline. Ethanol-fueled vehicles produce lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide ...
Americans Would Support Higher Gas Tax to Reduce Global Warming
Americans are generally opposed to raising the federal tax on gasoline, but a majority would support a gasoline tax increase if they knew the money would be  ...
Gasoline - History and Invention - Inventors - About.com
Gasoline was not invented, it is a natural by-product of the petroleum industry, kerosene being the principal product. Gasoline is produced by distillation, the ...
Gasoline and Petroleum - About Hybrid Cars
The word gasoline was first used as a brand name for the relatively new petroleum distillate in the late 1800s (it wasn't really a motor fuel just yet). A little known ...
Gasoline & Octane Ratings - Chemistry - About.com
Nov 29, 2014 ... Summary of how gasoline is made and how octane ratings are assigned.
Which Gasoline Should You Buy? - Chemistry - About.com
Dec 5, 2014 ... Here's a look at what you need to know before you buy gasoline. Learn about octane ratings and gasoline formulations so you'll know which ...
Fuel Energy Comparisons: Gasoline Gallon Equivalents
Gasoline Gallon Equivalents are based on British Thermal Units (BTUs), this gasoline gallon equivalents chart compares the energy content of various fuels to  ...
Gasoline for RC Cars, or Nitro Fuel? - RC Hobby FAQ
A gas RC may use gasoline or it might use nitro fuel. You need to know what kind of engine is in the RC vehicle to know what kind of fuel to use. The non-electric ...
Accidentally Fueling a Diesel With Gasoline - About Hybrid Cars
What happens if you inadvertently fill your diesel car with gasoline? Whether you' re new to diesel ownership, or might have both diesel and gasoline powered ...
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