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Global Warming - What are Greenhouse Gases?
Answer: Many greenhouse gases occur naturally, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. Others such as hydrofluorocarbons ...
What Are Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse Effect?
A good explanation of the greenhouse effect and its relationship to global warming, plus dissenting opinions from some scientists and what is being done to ...
Are Levels of Greenhouse Gases Increasing? - Environmental Issues
Levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing at unprecedented rates.
Greenhouse Gases - Definition of Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse gases include the many heat-trapping trace gases that reside in the earth's atmosphere. Two common greenhouse gases are water vapor and ...
What Is the Greenhouse Effect? - Chemistry - About.com
Learn what the greenhouse effect is and how it is related to climate.
Greenhouse Gas - Green Living - About.com
What is a greenhouse gas? Discover the link between greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, the Earth's greenhouse effect, and how GHG can influence global ...
A 9-Point Guide to Greenhouse Gases - Environmental Issues
Some greenhouse gases are emitted naturally through wildfires, volcanic activity, and biological activity. However, since the industrial revolution at the turn of the ...
Causes, Effects, Risks and Future of Global Warming
Human activities are creating excess greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to global warming.
Volcanoes Generating Greenhouse Gases or Humans
Dear EarthTalk: Could it really be true that a single large volcanic eruption launches more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the amount generated by ...
How Do Humans Contribute to Global Warming?
One in a series of frequently asked questions about global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases.
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