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Why Do Heat Waves Make Air Quality Worse? - Environmental Issues
Air quality during a heat wave not only feels worse, it is worse. Find out how heat waves affect air quality, and what you can do to protect yourself from poor air ...
What Is a Heat Wave? - Weather - About.com
Heat Waves are a series of days or temperatures that create a safety hazard for anyone exposed to the heat. A heat wave can be an extended period of days ...
Temperature Records - Global Warming and High Temperatures ...
Summer Heat Facts 2008. California had its ninth warmest summer, while New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island had their 8th warmest summers in 2008 ...
Heart Disease and Heat Waves - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... A prolonged heat wave can be tough on anyone, but if you have heart disease you need to be especially careful when it's hot. This is because ...
Surviving A New York Heat Wave - Manhattan - About.com
New York heat waves can be brutal. Learn how to survive sweltering days in New York City.
Coping with Weather in Brooklyn: Tips for Heatwaves, Storms ...
Find out how to cope with the occasional intense heat wave or winter storm, earthquake, tropical squall or hurricane, and about stocking up on water and food , ...
Warning: Hot Temperatures May Be Hazardous to Drugs
One casualty of heat waves and summer power outages that you may not realize is your prescription medication. If you take any prescription drug, you need to ...
DFW Heat Wave 2011 - Dallas - About.com
And after all this heat, a cold front is coming. Yippie! After finally getting our official heat record for 2011, it should cool off and we should see some "normal" fall ...
Heat Related Illness - Senior Health - About.com
Heat Related Illness. Introduction. Summer heat waves bring unusually high temperatures that may last for days or weeks. In the summer of 1980, a severe heat ...
How Do Wild Birds Keep Cool in Summer? - Birding and Wild Birds
... have many ways to keep cool, from physical characteristics to behavioral adaptations. Includes tips for how backyard birders can help their birds beat the heat.
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