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Why Do Heat Waves Make Air Quality Worse? - Environmental Issues
Air quality during a heat wave not only feels worse, it is worse. Find out how heat waves affect air quality, and what you can do to protect yourself from poor air ...
More Than Half of U.S. Population Lives With Unsafe Air
Why Do Heat Waves Make Air Quality Worse? What is EarthTalk? What is Air Pollution? Autumn Leaves: Burning Fallen Leaves May Be Hazardous to Your ...
Heat Islands - Are Urban Heat Islands Linked to Global Warming?
Urban heat islands are just what they sound like: hotter-than-average areas in cities that are surrounded by ... Why Do Heat Waves Make Air Quality Worse?
What Is a Heat Wave? - Weather - About.com
Heat Waves are a series of days or temperatures that create a safety hazard for anyone exposed to the heat. A heat wave can be an extended period of days ...
Temperature Records - Global Warming and High Temperatures ...
Summer Heat Facts 2008. California had its ninth warmest summer, while New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island had their 8th warmest summers in 2008 ...
Heart Disease and Heat Waves - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... A prolonged heat wave can be tough on anyone, but if you have heart disease you need to be especially careful when it's hot.
Heat Index: How to Calculate Your Local Heat Index - Weather
The Heat Index is a tool used my meteorologists. You know it is hot, but is it a dry heat? Are you in danger of heat stroke? Use an online calculator to calculate ...
Coping with Severe Weather in NYC: Snow Storms to Heat Waves
Severe weather's no joke in the Big Apple. Find out how to prep for a storm, cope with a hurricane or deal with other inconveniently intense weather events. Why ...
Heat Related Illness - Senior Health - About.com
High temperatures can cause heat related illness : summer heat waves summertime activity temperature control system health emergencies national institutes of ...
Keeping Ferrets Cool In Hot Weather - Exotic Pets - About.com
If you live in a climate where heat (or humidity) is a problem, consider air ... Also, keep in mind that power outages are also common during heat waves, so have ...
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