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Use Multiple iPods on One Computer: Management Screen
There are a number of techniques to manage multiple ipods on one compurter. The more complex technique you choose, the more control you'll have.
A Guide to All iPod Models - iPhone/iPod at About.com
There have been so many iPods over the year, how can you keep them all straight? With this collection of articles about each one.
I Just Got an iPod ... What's Next? - iPhone/iPod at About.com
You're the proud owner of a shiny new iPod. Whether it came as a birthday present, a holiday gift, or was something you treated yourself to, when the you ...
4 Ways to Use Multiple iPods on One Computer
Many households--or even individuals--face the challenge of trying to manage multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones one just one computer. This poses a number of  ...
Multiple iPods on One Computer: User Accounts
Families sharing one computer may prefer not mix all of their files and programs together. This issue becomes especially relevant when there are multiple iPods,  ...
iPod Classic, iPod nano & iPod Shuffle Tips and Tricks
All the basic information you need to know about how to get the most out of your iPod, including how to use it, how to create an iTunes account, how to add ...
Get More From Your iPhone and iPod With Expert Advice
If your child under 18 uses an iPhone or iPod touch, there are many benefits to setting up their own Apple ID. Learn how to do it here. Share. iPhone user guide  ...
Copy Music From Your iPod to Your Mac - Macs - About.com
It's easy to copy media files, music, audio books, podcasts, movies, and videos from your iPod to your Mac. Focus on Macs shows you how.
Multiple iPods on One Computer Using Playlists
It's increasingly common to find a household with multiple iPods – you may already live in one, or are thinking about it. But what if you all share just one ...
Set Up Instructions for iPod Nano - iPhone/iPod at About.com
For folks who have owned other iPods, setting up the iPod nano will seem pretty familiar – though there are a couple of new twists. For those who are enjoying ...
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