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Sheryl Crow: Music and Videos

Sheryl Crow’s album, “Detours,” offers hope, inspiration in a troubled world


Cover art for Sheryl Crow Detours album

Sheryl Crow - Detours album cover

On February 5, 2008, singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow released Detours, her sixth studio album and the most politically and personally outspoken record of her career. Crow, a committed environmental and peace activist, calls Detours “the most honest record I’ve ever made. It’s about being forced to wake up.” Tracks on the album range from pointed protest songs to anthems of inspiration and hope.

Before Detours debuted officially, Crow released several songs from the album and made a series of music videos to illustrate the new tracks and to highlight her work on Detours with producer Bill Bottrell. Bottrell also produced Crow’s Tuesday Night Music Club album, which won three Grammy awards and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Click on the links below to listen to Sheryl Crow songs and watch Sheryl Crow videos:

Shine Over Babylon
Sheryl Crow considers "Shine Over Babylon" the centerpiece of her Detours album. In an exclusive interview with About.com: Environmental Issues, she described the song as “an apocalyptic diatribe, just like a rant of all the things we are experiencing in the most extreme measure.” She has also called "Shine Over Babylon" “a desperate cry for understanding” and a “battle song in the face of fear.”

Love Is Free
Here is what Sheryl Crow has said about her new single, "Love Is Free": “The song Love Is Free is inspired by New Orleans. What struck me about it is the stoicism of the New Orleans people; they are spiritually based. You can see it in their eyes that they aren’t going to give up, they are going to rebuild.” Lullaby for Wyatt
Sheryl Crow wrote this hauntingly beautiful tune as a lullaby and a love song to her son Wyatt, who she adopted as an infant in April 2007. God Bless This Mess
A protest song for our time. For the "God Bless This Mess" music video, Crow sang in front of the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial, creating a musical link between the inspiration for the message in her song and the national leaders who most need to hear it. For more information about Sheryl Crow, see: For more Sheryl Crow music and videos, see:

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