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Who is Eligible for the Cash for Clunkers Program?


Question: Who is Eligible for the Cash for Clunkers Program?
Cash for Clunkers is a federal program designed to stimulate U.S. auto sales and help the environment by providing an economic incentive for consumers to replace old, low-mileage vehicles with new, fuel-efficient models that are safer and emit less pollution and fewer greenhouse gases.
Answer: Eligibility for the Cash for Clunkers program is based on the vehicle, not the driver.

If your car or truck is old enough and/or has a mileage rating below those spelled out in the bill, and the new vehicle you want to buy has a mileage rating that is high enough to qualify, the government will provide a trade-in allowance to make it easier for you to buy the new fuel-efficient vehicle.

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Cash for Clunkers FAQ:

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