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Congressional Interest in Global Warming Heats Up as 2007 Begins
One early sign of change in the new Democrat-controlled Congress is heightened congressional interest and action on global warming. Lawmakers have announced House and Senate hearings on the issue, and have introduced legislation that would set mandatory caps on greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Poll: Americans Bash Bush on Environment
A majority of Americans disapprove of how President Bush is handling the environment, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll.

Budget Cuts and Mismanagement Place Environmental Satellites at Risk
Budget cuts and cost overruns are threatening the current integrity and future existence of a network of U.S. environmental satellites that help scientists forecast hurricanes, droughts and floods, and predict global warming.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Global Warming Case
On Wednesday, November 29, 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in a landmark environmental case that will determine whether the EPA has the authority and the responsibility to regulate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Election 2006: Top 10 Potential Environmental Benefits of the 2006 Election
How will the results of the 2006 election, and the change of political leadership, affect the environment? This issue-by-issue analysis explores some of the potential benefits.

Why are Wetlands Important?
Wetlands play a critical role in our ecosystem, and wetlands in North America are threatened by development and pollution. Learn why wetlands are so important, and what governments and groups are doing to protect wetlands.

Performance Anxiety
A U.S. EPA program that's supposed to give recognition and flexibility to companies that are good environmental citizens may in fact be giving a free pass to some firms that are heavy polluters and even lawbreakers, according to a coalition of environmentalists.

Americans Would Support Higher Gas Tax to Reduce Global Warming
Americans are generally opposed to raising the federal tax on gasoline, but a majority would support a gasoline tax increase if they knew the money would be used to reduce global warming or to lessen United States dependence on foreign oil, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.

Environment High in Personal Values, Low in Political Priorities for U.S. Voters
According to a survey commissioned by the Nicholas Institute at Duke University, most U.S. voters support stronger pro-environmental policies, but on election day far fewer voters allow those beliefs to influence their choice of candidates. This article includes the research results and some of the reasons behind those findings.

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