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Environmental Issues: Fashion and Entertainment

How green living extends to fashion and entertainment, including eco-friendly fashion and entertainment issues that affect the environment.

Why Is Organic Cotton Clothing So Cool?
Learn why health and environmental concerns prompt hip designers to choose organic cotton, and where to look for organic cotton clothing.

Vanity Fair Magazine Goes Green
Learn about the first ever “Green Issue” of Vanity Fair, which signals the start of what editor Graydon Carter called an “increased commitment to reporting on the threat to our precious environment.”

Eco-Fashion - What's Up with Eco-Fashion?
Top fashion designers from New York to California are creating innovative clothing designs using eco-friendly fabrics. The new eco-fashion movement is setting new trends from coast to coast.

Digital Music -- Coming to a Landfill Near You
Digital music. Is it better for the environment to buy CDs or to download music to an i-Pod or MP3 player?

Survivor - Can Earth's Pristine Places Survive Survivor?
Survivor is filmed in some of the world's most beautiful natural settings, but what kind of environmental impacts do the cast and crew leave behind after the cameras stop rolling? Does the popular TV program rate as high with environmentalists as it does with viewers?

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