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How to Have a Green Christmas


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Choose a Live Tree
A lighted Christmas tree in a forest.

A live Christmas tree continues to give joy long after the season ends.

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To make your Christmas truly green, start with the tree. Rather than dragging home a cut tree that you’ll end up discarding by New Year’s Day, or an artificial tree treated with chemicals and made from resources that could be put to better use, why not choose a tree that will go on living and bringing joy long after the season ends?

A live tree can be decorated like any other, but once the decorations are removed you can plant the tree in your yard. If you don’t have a yard of your own, or you already have plenty of evergreens in your personal landscape, make your tree a post-Christmas gift to a neighbor (and help them plant it) or donate it to a community organization. If you choose a small or mid-sized tree, you could even leave it planted in a large container and reuse it for another year or two.

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