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Energy Saving Tip: Use a Hot Water Bottle to Reduce Your Personal Chill Factor

Hot water bottles make warm companions on cold nights


Teenage girl (14-15) lying on bed with hot water bottle,overhead view
Clarissa Leahy/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Looking for a foolproof way to stay warm on a cold night? Use a hot water bottle.

Hot water bottles are inexpensive and elegantly efficient for knocking the chill off cold sheets before you slide into bed, or warming your cold feet once you’re under the covers.

Hot water bottles also come in handy as foot and hand warmers when you come in from the cold outdoors. And if you’re reading, watching television, or engaged in some other quiet activity on a cold night, a hot water bottle and a warm throw can create a cozy cocoon.

When the water turns cold, put the bottle aside and use the water for your plants.

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