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Environmental Issues: Animals and Animal Testing

News and information about environmental issues related to animals, including animal testing and animal rights.

Should the Slaughter of Horses Be Banned?
Tens of thousands of horses are slaughtered every year in the United States and Canada, and the meat is either exported to Europe and Asia or fed to zoo animals domestically. Many of the horses are mistreated prior to slaughter and killed in ways that are pointlessly cruel. What is being done to end the needless and inhumane slaughter of horses?

Seal Hunting -- Animal Advocates Pressure Canada to Ban Seal Hunting -- Again
Thousands of baby fur seals used to be clubbed and shot each year in Newfoundland. In the 1980s, Canada ended vessel-based seal hunting in response to economic pressure from European governments, but the government has Canadian government has reauthorized the winter seal hunts to help local fishermen.

How to Find Products “Not Tested on Animals”
What does it really mean when a product says "not tested on animals" and how can you find products that haven't been tested by poisoning or torturing animals for the sake of cosmetics, household products, and other consumer items? Learn more about this controversial topic, and review a shopping guide than can help you find products that fit your ethics.

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