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What Risks Do Environmental Problems Create?


What will happen to the Earth and its people, animals, plants, lands and oceans if we fail to successfully address the environmental issues we face today?
  1. Our Global Population
  2. Air Quality
  3. Human Health
  1. Our Food Supply
  2. Drinking Water
  3. Wildlife and Habitats

Our Global Population

Environmental issues have profound effects on the living conditions of people worldwide. The water shortage in many parts of the world, cross-border pollution, and rising sea levels are just a few of the challenges facing our global population.

Air Quality

What's wrong with our air quality? And how does poor air quality and air pollution affect life on Earth? Learn about the environmental issues of air quality and air pollution, and what's being done to improve--or worsen--our air quality.

Human Health

How do environmental issues create disease? What are the dangers of the chemicals we use every day? Are cell phones and noise pollution harmful? Learn how environmental issues affect your health by causing or contributing to health problems and diseases around the world.

Our Food Supply

Are genetically modified or cloned foods safe? How have environmental issues affected the world's food supply? Learn how environmental factors affect the quality and availability of our food.

Drinking Water

As temperatures, wind patterns and pollution affect natural water sources, more people around the world have trouble finding drinking water--or any water at all. In other countries, water is plentiful but not safe to drink. Find out how the lack of clean water affects people around the world, and what's being done to provide fresh water.

Wildlife and Habitats

Why are so many of the world's species being listed as threatened or face extinction? Why are natural wetlands important? Find out how wildlife around the world are being threatened by pollution, hunting, loss of habitat and other environmental issues, and what's being done to save them.

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