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Environmental Issues: Mobile Phones

What are the health and environmental issues of mobile phones? Learn how mobile phones affect people, and the environment, and what companies and the government are doing to make mobile phones safer.

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation
Cell phone radiation may have serious health effects, according to a growing number of research studies. You can protect yourself from cell phone radiation by the way you use your cell phone. Learn how to lower your exposure and protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

Why Recycle Cell Phones?
Why recycle cell phones? That's easy. Recycling cell phones saves energy and conserves natural resources.

Are Cell Phones and Microwave Radiation Really Unhealthy?
Scientific research indicates that exposure to cell phones and microwave radiation can cause health problems. Learn more about the health effects of cell phones and microwave radiation.

How Safe are Cell Phones?
As more and more people use cell phones, even replacing their land lines in favor of the mobile gadgets, are they exposing themselves to a form of radiation that could lead to brain tumors and other health problems? Researchers still can't say conclusively that cell phones cause cancer, but the potential health risks of long-term cell-phone use are starting to worry an increasing number of scientists and public officials.

FDA Questions Results of Study Linking Mobile Phones and Cancer
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is questioning the results of a Swedish study that claims to provide the first scientific evidence of an increased risk of brain cancer among people who use mobile phones.

Mobile Phones - Heavy Use of Mobile Phones Increases Cancer Risk, Study Finds
Mobile phones are a mainstay of personal and professional communications worldwide--but are they safe? A new study by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and the University of Oerebro has found the first significant evidence linking mobile phone use to an increased risk of brain tumors.

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