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Global Warming: What You Can Do About Global Warming

Can you help reduce global warming? Absolutely. Learn how you can help reduce global warming by following tips to reduce global warming and other lifestyle changes.

How to Fight Global Warming
Want to fight global warming? These 10 simple actions will help you fight global warming by using energy wisely.

Which Trees Offset Global Warming Best?
Most scientists agree that planting trees is a good way to help reduce global warming and to keep the planet healthy, but which types of trees are best and what makes some trees better than others? Learn more about the best trees to plant to offset global warming.

Plant a Billion Trees: Campaign Enlists People Worldwide to Fight Global Warming
The United Nations Environment Programme is coordinating a worldwide campaign to encourage people and organizations to plant at least a billion trees in a single year. Even that is only a small start on the work that must be done to restore the forests we have lost over the past decade alone. Find out how you can help.

Global Warming - Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming
Here are 10 things you can do every day to reduce your energy costs and your use of fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming.

Personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator
With this online calculator from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, you can calculate your personal contribution to global warming through the release of greenhouse gases. Once you know the score, the site also explains how you can lower your emissions while reducing your energy and waste disposal costs.

Global Warming - Most Americans Believe Global Warming is a Threat
Most Americans believe global warming is a serious threat, to themselves and to future generations, and the majority support government mandates to help develop renewable energy and reduce global warming, according to a TIME magazine/ABC News/Stanford University poll.

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