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Readers Respond: What Will Be the Top Environmental Issues in the 21st Century?

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Here are some of the top environmental issues of the decade spanning 2000 to 2009. What do you think will be the top environmental issues in the next 10, 20 or 50 years? Clean water? Clean air? Endangered species? Tell us what you think the top environmental issues will be in the coming years, and why.

The Most Important Environmental Issue

There are many vital and urgent environmental issues, but there is one MOST IMPORTANT than the others: and it's everyone's commitment to save the Planet. My commitment, yours, our commitment. Without it nothing can be done. We must get involved. Our Planet doesn't need tears, it needs actions. Dr.M.Tejeda

Global Warming

...even as I dig my car out of a mountain of snow--and it's mid-April! Someone has been lying to us and getting rich, very rich, in the process. Who could that be? Which begs the next question, "Am I a wild-eyed Rightwinger for believing the concept of 'Earthday' is just another religion and worse, it's being forced upon us by enviro-zealots who believe the sky has fallen?"

Old Polluted Cars need to be tested

I wish all states would step in and have a law to make old cars pass an emissions test. California has passed the law and it worked.


I really agree with you all. I'm an environmentalist myself and I really agree with guest Hassan Hersi Farrah.
—Guest polett

Top environmental Issues in the 21st Cen

Top environmental issue expected in the 21st century is beach pollution. It is seen as beach pollution because there is an increase in the number of oil explorations around the world. When the drilling of oil starts in any of these areas, the problem of waste disposal from processing stages becomes a paramount issue. Reason being that waste disposal varies by institution or company policy, that is others will do as required by environmental regulations governing that area,whereas others will sometimes load wastes on oil tankers and set out for unknown destinations at deep sea and dispose of them. This is being seen as a hazardous situation. With the proliferation of oil giants coming up, if the issue of waste disposal cannot be adequately addressed by institutions that are responsible to do so it would be a disastrous situation in years to come. Remember, your back view is someone else's front view. This means that where this waste was disposed of could be another country's key economic assess point.
—Guest Mark w.Johnson

Rising Oceans

Many ocean front cities with huge populations will find themselves below sea level by the year 2050. This will also greatly escalate polution, and contaminate many reservoirs. Also many airfields and train depos will be underwater. The added pressure from the waters weight may raise issues with our sewers and gas lines that are currently just beneath the ground.
—Guest Leslie Jordan

21st Century Top Environmental Issues

1) Development and utilization of green and renewable resources 2) Control and response to the global climate change and 3) Protection of biodiversity
—Guest tangjian


The most important environmental issue would be about AIR. A , stands for Awareness I , stands for Ideals R , stands for Revolution How can the Environment survive without Clean AIR?
—Guest Maryam


I think different parts of the world will have different "Most pressing" environmental issue. In Africa, portable water, the lack of it actually, will remain the most pressing problem. Other serious issues which are causes of other problems include forest destruction (including other biodiversity loss), clean energy and food.
—Guest Maloba

Waste Management

Efficient waste management comprises quick identification of the waste generated, economic reduction, efficient collection and handling, optimal reuse and recycling and effective disposal of waste, leaving no environmental problems.
—Guest Sheetal Chhabra


1. environmental degradation. 2. deforestation. 3. soil fertility degaradtion 4. land degradation 5. illegal fishing in somalia 6. chemical waste dumping of nuclear residues 7.biodiversity decline 8.poverty and drought 9.pollution from other countries 10.water scarcity/untapped
—Guest hassan hersi farah

environment first

Pollution in atmosphere is the greatest hazard and to reduce same we should try to go for nonconventional energy sources . Govt. policies also to be framed with constitutional power to save forest, animals and water.
—Guest swapan

Environmental Issues

The environment has changed from the past 3 decades and we are facing the problems of global warming, pollution, water problem, and endangered animals due to the life span of the human being.. Some species on the earth are no long existing and the reasons are rapid industralisation, huge population, oil spillage in the oceans, rapid mobilization of vehicles, acid rains due to volconic erruptions, nuclear reactions, demand for fuel, and contamination of the lakes and seas due to industrial waste. The remedy for the Environment pollution can be as due reduce the use of fuels, electricity, saving water, . Each member in the world has to think of the future generation and take as an individual activity.
—Guest M Naga Swamy

disturbance in ecosystem integrity

The disruption of the food chain and fragile ecosystems are the top issues of 2000 till now. If we disturb a link every balance is lost. Tiger population is endangered. There is an urgent need is to save the environmental niche of endangered animals.
—Guest Rachana

Africa in danger

Due to the current burden of the effects of climate change, Africa is plagued by sanitation-related diseases. Worse still is that there are scarce resources with which the challenges can be faced.The WORLD ENVIRONMENT POLLUTERS must pay reparation to Africa to assist her in commencing mitigational activities against the effects of climate change, which will worsen in the next decade. Africa is environmentally terrorized by the industralised nations. Every environmental issue is going to be critical for Africa in the next decade, considering her current environmental status.
—Guest lebara chris
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