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Readers Respond: What are you doing to help reduce global warming?

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please try to do as this note says

use less electricity, cycle or walk, don't hunt, turn off lights, don't cut down trees, plant trees, be environmentally friendly, do everything you can to help the environment and reduce global warming. regards, Aarifah
—Guest enviroment, help save it


Indoor worm composts are a great idea to reduce the amounts of waste being kept in bags in landfills, which could be decomposed and recycled back to the planet.
—Guest Sarah Lee.

donot burn fire works

I suggest that fireworks should be avoided as they produce more sound & harmful smoke
—Guest aishwarya

Most important thing

It's been said already, but going vegetarian is the best way to save energy, land, water, and carbon emmisions. Going vegan is even better. On top of that, I have a reusable water bottle, I bike to school/work, and I conserve hot water (a huge energy drainer). There are so many other things I do but sadly, most of the population is oblivious and not willing to change =(
—Guest Adam


It is highly important that we all live the theory and get practical about saving our world ,your beautiful planet, my earth...by doing something in our litle capacity to reduce global warming .We must look beyond personal gain ,comfort and profit to solve this global problem. The questions are: what am I doing as an individual, corporation, government and and religion to solve this problem that looms ahead of us as if it is going to be the cause of our end ? LETS GET TO WORK!

To Reduce global Warming

When We Change our Lifestyle with Natural Activities & avoiding Artificial--Like Releasing Of CO & CO2 into Nature. We Can Protect Nature & Also Protect OurSelves For any Type Of Disaster & Also We can Keep Ourselves Full Of Health & Wealth. Please Try To Stop The Fuel Consumptions, Deplantation, & Save Our Natural Wealth & we can gift Them To The Upcoming Generation With naturality & Not In Artificial Manner like Showing Them As A Models& In Book pictures. Try To Use ECO-FRIENDLY Things.
—Guest Chandini Deepthi

global warming

The world's population is nearly 7 billion, so every person must plant ONE tree every year. For every tree cut, 3 must be replanted. More ponds, parks, fountains are required. For money, reduced corruption, arms, etc.
—Guest Abraham

help to protect earth

please do what you can...... switch off motor vechicles while waiting in the signals....... switch off electrical things while no need....
—Guest valluvathasan

wat i do

I plant trees..and use enviromental friendly stuff...I try to improve awareness.
—Guest tvm mal

reversing the flow of the niger

We will do our world a lot of good by adopting the proposal to "reverse" the flow of rivers. The Niger is one of the biggest rivers in africa, and it empties its waters into the Atlantic. Can you imagine the effects of an transporting equivalent volume of desalinized water from the ocean into the Sahara desert? The effects on agriculture, reforestation and so many other positive results, including reduction of global warming, could just be the what we need to save mankind if we are to continue here on planet Earth.
—Guest fred orodi

Less People, Less Pollution

You want to know the best way to stop pollution? Use birth control. This planet is running out of room and I think animals have just as much right to live on this planet as we do. I'm not having any kids, that's what I'm doing to help prevent global warming. How about you?
—Guest Caroline Miniscule

Minimal usage of plastics...

Plastics, the so called polyester bags are non-biodegradable and one of the major factors causing global warming. So, reducing the usage of plastics will help to reduce global warming to a larger extent. However, usage of jute bags and bio-degradable plastics, which are eco-friendly, is a best remedy and I am using these for about an year and still using them.
—Guest chandrika

vegetarian diet

Single best thing you can do to stop climate change is to stop eating meat. Not sure how the author forgot to include that.
—Guest Mike

Become a vegan or vegetarian

NASA and the United Nations report that the number one cause of greenhouse gas emissions is the meat and dairy industries. They point out that becoming a vegetarian is more effective at reducing greenhouse gas than buying a Prius. So, I think that should be on the top ten list.
—Guest Lillian Reid

kill smoke , save the mother earth

First, people should reduce smoking which is a serious problem to neighboring people and to the environment. Secondly, people must get educated about not burning waste, especially plastic which plays a main role in the depletion of the ozone layer.
—Guest krishna chandra

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