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Readers Respond: How Have Environmental Issues Changed Your Diet?

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Some people don't eat tuna because of mercury warnings, some avoid non-organic dairy products because of added hormones, while other are reducing or avoiding red meat because cattle farming is harmful to the environment. On the positive side, more people are buying organic and locally grown food, and checking labels to make sure the foods they eat are chemical-free. How have environmental issues and health concerns prompted you to change your diet?

Food additives

I am allergic to food chemicals. I am cooking totally from scratch. Have seen articles saying there are 3,000 chemicals in our food. Do we need that many? Also discovered they taste bad.

no more plastic

I have stopped completely the use of plastic containers for cooking or reheating. I am getting rid of plastic storage containers and replacing them with glass and tin. When there is an alternative to buying food in plastic or glass containers, I do choose the glass alternative. Some vegetables will keep well unwrapped or wrapped in newspaper or brown paper bags. In a frost-free refrigerator (with air circulation), meat will keep longer unwrapped or covered with waxed or parchment paper, and thus age as meat used to do before the age of speed.

Let"s do something about it!

I stopped buying diary milk, I buy almond milk. I tried to get off the meat. I only lasted a week because my husband and four children couldn't get with it. I really only eat turkey and chicken. I just pray over my food. We need to really do something about these farmers who are making our food toxic in the name of the mighty dollar. Also, what kind of water should we drink, and what kind of container should we carry it in?
—Guest Precious Stone

Going green

I have turned vegetarian (except for eggs) and have stopped buying bottled water, and instead switched to a water filter. I also take my own mug to Starbucks and I don't buy/use bottled water at any cost.
—Guest sparklers

food is food

Sorry, but God put meat on this planet to eat. I have tried going vegetarian, but it's not for me. I don't think that it really matters what we eat because all of it is food.
—Guest Anonymous

environmental issues and diet

I always feel that Vegan/Veg diet is much more healthy for us and the Planet. Veg diet wastes less natural resources. Organic is always better cause free of pesticides and gentle on environment. People who eat meat want to educate themselves that Animals are abused and neglected by farm workers. Cows are hung upside down with half neck cut, alive and struggling in pain, flies all around and waiting to be killed. I agree that BPA is harmful and we should not buy plastic with BPA but make sure we just donot toss it in the Landfill, it is Toxic for us and our environment. Recycle as much as we can. consume less bottle water,buy more BPA free packaging bio-degradable and recyclable. Everyone of us is fascinated by steel bottles but remember that mining is also not a very good idea. It causes environmental destruction too. When combining all these impact on environment and animals, Veganism/Vegetarianism is best option.Read "Diet for new America"
—Guest kal

I became vegan (or practically vegan)

Since my husband manifests his greenness through riding his bike to work, I thought I would also make a significant change. After being vegetarian on and off for about a decade, I decided to become a vegan almost two years ago. By giving up eggs and cheese and dairy products, I feel better about not supporting factory farming of animals. And it reduces my carbon footprint. I do occasionally eat seafood but try to consume only approved-of varieties. I'm to the point where I don't miss meat or dariy anymore, and I know it's helping the planet.

Water Bottle

I try to drink bottled water from source (Evian, Fiji,...), not filtered bottled water. There are 2 health benefits from it: no contaminants in the water, and a friend of mine told me the more you drink water, the faster your metabolism! So I drink water like creasy!
—Guest Water Bottle Girl


Whether you stop eating red meat, or buy organic dairy milk or bottled water, that isnt going to help anything. Farmers will still feed their cows hormones, people will still eat tuna, mercury or no mercury. And no matter how much you say you're going to recycle your water bottles, you won't. and they'll end up in a landfill, and poor birds and mice will eat them and probably develop cancer. You're not helping anyone but yourselves.
—Guest anon.

I'm eating what?

I've changed my eating habits... sort of. I've stopped eating so much red-meat and some seafood. I think that the most important thing that we can do right now is research. What are the best meats TO eat? What are the statistics for mad cow disease? How are some ways to prevent getting food poisoning? In these times Google can be man's best friend.
—Guest Catty

diet and environment

What about the health threats (BPA) of reusing recycled plastics e.g water in recycled bottles? If you need something you need to sacrifice the other. We need to think deeply about this issue before giving quick answers.
—Guest ram

Environment and my heath

I've stopped drinking water from the sink because it is disgusting! I drink bottled water now and I'm recycling the bottles.
—Guest totally confused?


...other than spending double the amount of money in a hard economic time...what are we supposed to eat? Everything is harmful!
—Guest Confused

environment has changed my diet

Environmental issues certainly have changed my diet. I agree with the two people who posted before me, and I'd add that I only buy organic dairy products because I want to avoid the hormones fed to dairy cows by commercial farmers.
—Guest Henry

environmental issues and diet

I used to love tuna but the mercury warnings have scared me off. I have a list of healthier and less-environmentally challenged fish (including not being endangered or from areas where fishing practices harm the local environment) and I only buy those.
—Guest Dave in Chicago

environment and my diet

I stopped eating red meat--partly to reduce fat in my diet and because cattle farming is very bad for the environment. I don't miss it at all.
—Guest Maura
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